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Olbaa Tall Cake Box


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We are the first UK stockist of the 'Olbaa' cake box - standing out from any other cake box on the market.

Our mission is simple. To supply avid cake bakers and professional cake designers with a line of high quality boxes at an affordable price that truly shows off their creations. New trends in cakes (drip cakes, taller and narrower cakes, toppers like shards of chocolate or isomalt) means that cake boxes need to accommodate larger cakes but still be supportive and easy to assemble.

There are lots of cake boxes out there but the while they are super cheap, you sacrifice quality and also most don’t seem to even bother to come with instructions. There’s no brand, no “face” to the company behind them leaving make cake makers a bit bewildered on whom they can use.

  • Easy to assemble top and bottom pieces that simply require some basic folding. (head to our instruction page to see our how to videos for assembly and use)

  • The middle “body” simply opens up and is ready to use

  • Colours! Not just white, also available currently in pink, black and blue too

  • Features a large 8” x 8” window so you don’t have to worry about if anything has fallen during transport as you can clearly see inside. Also helpful to show your customers without having to open the box and take the cake out!

  • Sturdy and thick construction for a heavy duty feel and allows you to carry very heavy cakes on a cake board.

  • 14” height leaves plenty of room on a 3 layer cake for large cake toppers and decorations. You can easily go 2 tier, with six layers without a cake topper and fit perfectly fine.

  • To open, simply lift off the lid and the body for easy access to the cake. Also makes it super easy to put together. Watch the video on our instructions page.

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