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Acrylic Silhouette Cake Topper


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Tell us your theme or event and we'll create the perfect topper for you! If you have a design in mind already, please message us or email us with a visual aid!

Please type in the text box what you would like a silhouette of - please message us to discuss anything complex. 

Please select the colour you would like from the drop box. 

If you have any queries or wish to discuss a design, please do not hesitate to message us via the button on the bottom left of your screen!

Cake Topper Measures up to six inches in width. (Other sizes available upon request)

"Why acrylic?" You may be wondering, well acrylic toppers are guaranteed to last and re-usable! If you're just looking for a one time use topper, you may want our card versions instead! 

*Cake not included*